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Evil Angel

Are you in search of intense anal gonzo porn? EvilAngel.com, a well-established production company, has been a prominent name in the industry since its inception in 1989 by John Stagliano. During a time when the cost of producing porn significantly decreased, Evil Angel managed to rise to prominence. In the late seventies, porn films were shot on expensive 35-millimeter film, costing up to $350,000 for a single production.

However, with the advent of VHS technology in the 1980s, porn producers were able to create high-quality content at a fraction of the cost, around $4,000. Interestingly, Stagliano independently produced his film, Bouncing Buns, in 1983 for $8,000. Since then, he has continuously released top-tier films and pushed the boundaries of the genre.

Evil Angel was initially established by Stagliano in 1989 to distribute his own films. The name, Evil Angel, was inspired by Stagliano's past as a male stripper. He explains that during his shows, there was another performer named John, so the MC started calling him Evil John to differentiate between them. At the same time, Stagliano had a girlfriend who called herself Angel during her strip shows. Although she didn't adopt the name Evil Angel, Stagliano loved it and decided to use it for his company.

The name Evil Angel is fitting, considering the explicit and daring content they have produced and continue to produce to this day. Stagliano and Evil Angel have had a significant impact on the porn industry as we know it today. Stagliano is credited with conceiving the concept of POV porn in 1989, which is a monumental achievement. Evil Angel is also recognized as the pioneering studio in the genre of gonzo porn, although it was unintentional.

Due to limited funds, much of Evil Angel's early work had unsteady camerawork, lacked a cohesive narrative between scenes, and possessed a raw, low-budget aesthetic.

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