My first impression of DxLive was, “WOW!” I was immediately impressed by the beautiful array of living, breathing anime characters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these are pink haired cartoons, but there are the most beautiful Japanese women I’ve ever seen. Now all of these ladies on DxLive.com aren’t only from Japan. The site is filled with women from all around the world.

The chance to video chat with these sexy little hotties is a dream. The girls they have range from blonde hair, red hair, black hair and everything in between. Body types have range as well. I’ve seen some teeny petites and some ruebenesque beauties all ready for the camera. Though it looks like 19-22 is the typical age of most of the girls, I have seen a couple that verge on milfdom.

The exciting thing about DxLive for me is the absolute beauty of these girls. I’ve gone to many live video chat sites and normally I see the same chicks over and over. Half the time I’m very disappointed, but when I came to DxLive I was pleasantly surprised. The beauty of these girls is overwhelming.

When I said before that I felt like I was viewing anime come to life, what I meant was the stunning teardrop face with big brown eyes and irresistible good looks. The plus is that a lot of these girls seem to own many costumes too.

The Japanese school girl outfits turn you on? You’ll find many of the white topped, tartan mini skirt and tie clad girls live and ready to chat. The best part is that you will notice that these aren’t only the costume shop ones that are normally seen, but that these girls are essentially wearing their uniforms from school.

Don’t forget about the sexy little Japanese nurse. Who hasn’t seen the starch white cap and short dress that is tight on their petite little bodies and wanted more? Her big brown eyes look at you and you aren’t sure whether she should give you a full body exam or whether you want to give it to her. Either way, these hot babes will do whatever you ask them to.

DxLive.com has taken the confusion out of live video chat. They have extremely simple instructions and even have a very short, but concise, tutorial that will show you how to chat with these lovely ladies.

Non-members do have access to view who’s online and in some cases, you can even view them in free chat. They also have access to view profiles with information and pictures of the model. For instance, QoMIINAoQ is the screen name of one of their models. She’s a gorgeous girl with big brown eyes and long hair. Her profile is filled with pictures and a personal comment. Her hours online are even shown for you.

The free chat has a lower quality to optimize performance, but if you go into the model’s secret little place and enter her room, you’ll enjoy high quality video. Some models have microphones so that you can talk with her or she can just talk to you.

You can search for performers by name or you can search for the girls by category. The categories that you can choose from include All Online, Girls with a Remote Sex Toy, Girls with Microphones, Top Girls, and New Girls. I love the choices and since each one shows a thumbnail, you can choose not only by category or name, but by their picture too.If you are tired of the typical video chat sites that you’ve seen before and are ready to experience some of the sexiest and most exotic women on the net, then make sure to visit DxLive. You’ll find your dream girls are waiting for you, live and ready, day and night.

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