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Erogames, also known as Ero Games, is a platform dedicated to adult games. Unlike traditional pornographic content such as pictures and videos, these games offer a more immersive experience that engages you mentally. Whether it's the captivating characters, interactive elements, or challenging gameplay, Eroges provides a variety of adult games to cater to different preferences. offers a range of games, including hentai games and visual novels. Visual novels, similar to digital comics, allow you to make decisions that shape the storyline, adding an element of choice and control. It's reminiscent of the interactive nature of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Similar to Nutaku, Eroges serves as a platform where various games are featured for purchase. The site offers a selection of indie hentai games and translated visual novels. To make purchases, you'll need to acquire the site's currency called Erogold. While some may wonder why direct dollar purchases aren't available, Eroges has its own system in place.

One interesting aspect of Eroges is its support for French language games. In fact, the site seems to cater more towards French audiences, offering a wider range of games in French that aren't even available in English.

The layout of is designed with simplicity in mind, focusing solely on adult games. Upon entering the site, you'll find a straightforward list of the available games, which currently number around ten. Given the limited collection, this uncomplicated layout works effectively. Unlike most porn sites, there's no need for extensive search functions or categorizations due to the small number of games. It won't take long to explore each game and determine if there's one that catches your interest. Additionally, at the top left corner of the site, you'll find a flag icon that allows you to select your preferred language.

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