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FAPCeo! Are you a fan of hentai? Do you enjoy playing games? Are you familiar with microtransactions? Well, look no further than Nutaku.net, where you'll find a plethora of hentai games with abundant microtransactions. Today, we'll be taking a closer look at Fap CEO, a clicker game that shares similarities with the Clicker Hero craze, but with an adult-themed twist. It seems like the creators of this game played Clicker Hero, encountered that alluring cat monster on stage 3, and decided to develop a game centered around adult content and spending money. Personally, I have an affinity for both adult content and spending money, so I'm diving into this game with the enthusiasm of someone sliding into a recent divorcee's DMs on Instagram. A person has to seize opportunities when they arise, after all.

Now, let's explore what this game has to offer. You begin with a seductive secretary who wastes no time in revealing all her assets. She possesses an appealing pair of breasts, a cleanly shaved intimate area, and there's no denying her allure. She automatically generates income for you, allowing you to amass wealth simply by idling around the office. However, don't forget to fulfill your CEO duties while you're at it. This includes tasks such as checking your email and receiving provocative photos from your employees. Conveniently, the game stores all the pictures you receive in a special gallery, accessible in the top right corner.

Fantastic! We've established our company, we've organized our collection of adult content, and we have a secretary with ample bosoms... What's the next step? Hiring more employees, of course! While you do earn money passively, you can expedite the process by utilizing your employees when they have private shows available. I can only imagine the unconventional activities they engage in, but as the CEO, it's my responsibility to assist them in their performances. This involves repeatedly clicking on them, which somehow aids their endeavors. The specifics may not matter, but what does matter is that your bank account is filling up with substantial amounts of money.

Once you've accumulated a decent amount of wealth, it's time to recruit your second employee. And who could be more suitable for the position than...

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