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The bell is ringing as you are running down the hall. You’ve always been late to class in the past, so why is today any different? You don’t want to be left out of this classroom. When you show up, don’t expect to see that silver haired old lady with the bullet tit bra standing up front holding a ruler and a big red “F” stamp. No way! You’ve found your way to a sex education class taught by the sexiest little Japanese teachers you’ve ever seen.
Get ready for a learning experience that will have your zipper popping up under that desk. You heard that song and never thought you’d ever be hot for a teacher in your life. However, when a raven haired, Asian knockout is standing in front of you with a skintight miniskirt and breasts popping out from her low cut blouse, you’re at full attention.
She sits down on the front edge of her large wooden desk. You notice her massive mammaries as they bounce when she speaks. She’s talking about something that you should probably think is important, but all you see is her DSL’s opening and shutting and you fantasize about your cock sliding in and out of that mouth. She stops to lick her lips and you notice how pink and wet her tongue is. You’re ready for that oral exam right here and right now.
She accidentally drops the chalk. She stands up from the desk and turns her back toward you. She bends over to retrieve the chalk and you notice that her skirt slides up above her round ass cheeks. She’s not wearing any panties at all. Her dark little bush is peeking out from between her legs. You must have her. You must give this teacher an after school session like she’s never seen before. You might be able to teach her a thing or two. This would never happen at any school you know of, but at, it happens every day.
You’ll find that the teachers at JpTeacher are horny little sluts that crave cock day and night and when they call you up to the board, you just might get a blowjob instead of being sent to the office. Learn from teachers like Miss Kaede Matsushima. She’s one redheaded instructor that yearns for man meat and she’ll take on half the class if it means a face full of thick creamy jizz in the end. Miss Rei Kitajima is a different kind of educator altogether. She likes to control her classroom and the pupils in it. If you want to worship her tiny toes and do all that she asks of you, then you get to give her that special treat all over her face and I don’t mean an apple.
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The lessons don’t stop at either. When you become a member, you’ll receive access to all of the other websites in the network. That means you’ll be given admittance to all eighteen websites with unfettered access to almost 2000 DVDs, over 6500 videos, your choice of 1600 models and a staggering amount of almost 275,000 high quality pictures. Don’t let your learning ever end. You need to join now and get an education better than anyone else could offer.

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