I have always had an affinity for the girls of the orient and Japanese girls tend to be my weakness. This is probably why I find the girls at ExShot so irresistible. Don’t get me wrong, there are girls from all over the world available, but the majority seems to be the fine-looking flowers of Japan.

I used to spend my days perusing through magazines and the chicks plastered on each page turned me on, even though I knew they weren’t 100% real and the photos were touched up. It was what worked before the internet, but now the world is open to all of us. The biggest plus is the ability to talk to and view, live, the sexiest chicks from all around the world, whenever you want!

Kanjukulive offers a full array of gorgeous ladies that are available for live video chat whenever you want. I was impressed by the ease of use that this site presents. They have a link called, “First Time Users” that is a complete and step by step list of how to read and use the site. Not only does it go through the different features, such as the different chat modes, but also walks you through the purchasing process with absolutely reasonable prices.

One thing I had trouble with on some video chat sites was the payment process. It seemed to be a little confusing, but on Kanjukulive I completely understand the simple points purchasing and exactly how to use my time wisely to get the most for my money. They even offer examples of what your points will give you.

Their icon menu is very easy to understand, unlike some sites. The girls let you know through the icons under their thumbnails whether they speak Japanese, English, Chinese or Korean. They also have a five star system called the “horny level” that is voted on by the customers.

The other icons you may see are “2shot” and “chat.”  2Shot means that the girl is in a private session. If you choose to 2shot with a girl, you are in a private session and no one can bother you or your girl. Also, all of these girls are chatting with you from their private homes, so their cams may all be different. Because of this, the girls have an icon that tells you if they have a high resolution  webcam and/or a microphone.

The top five Kanjukulive Girls are given a special spot on the page, so you can see them first if you’d like. The girls vote on their favorites as well and you can choose from their list. If you know your girl’s name, you can search her out separately. If you don’t know a girl’s name or just want to search for your favorite types, there is a search engine for that too.

Your search options vary from Cute, Classic, Busty, In Costume and more. You can also select the age and language that they speak. If you prefer nude, masturbation or fellatio as an option, you have that too! You will have all the effortlessness in the world to find the girl of your choice.

The bottom line is that this is a fantastic site to visit. You’ll enjoy the most exotic live video chat available on the web at Kanjukulive. The girls are available to you 24/7 and the price is right. You’ll get the beauty of the east as well as the kinky stuff you’ve always wanted. It’s all here for you and all you have to do is click their link.

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