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The idea of getting up and going to work at a boring and drab office is gone forever. With Japanese Office Sex you’ll have a day at the office that you’ll never forget. This office is filled with sexy staffer sluts that are ready to take dick-tation all day long.

When one of these slutty secretaries takes a break you can be assured that a good cock sucking is part of her fifteen minutes of fun. As you sit at your desk, you notice sweet Susie from the typing pool hopping up from her desk and heading to the break room. You decide to follow. You see three other guys going with you and realize that this may be a break you’ll never forget. This is what the members of Japanese Office Sex feel like every single day.

These hot Japanese jezebels almost always wear nice short skirts and tight little tops to tempt their bosses. You can see right up their skirts as they sit across from you taking a memo. A number of these Asian Milfs go to work hot, horny and ready for some hard cock. You will watch each one of them getting exactly what they want and more.

When a group of these horny honeys are ready to take a break they spend all their spare time looking for some hard cock to focus on. You’ll watch as these secretarial sluts search for cock and find more. Look up the skirts of some of the sexiest little Japanese tramps that have ever sat down behind a computer.

Some of these Asian office whores crave hot sticky cum all day and when break time rolls around, they’re off looking for their treat. Open any break room door and watch as two or three associates from the office surround this shameless hussy and begin to remove her clothing piece by piece. She will be used and abused in many ways.

Her button down shirt is ripped apart and replaced by bare hands groping her milky white breasts. Her tight little skirt will be raised high enough to show off those sweet little cotton panties and the dark spot caused by her wetness. Those damp panties will be torn from her body to expose her furry little cootchie. She will be held down and her entire body will be explored by all of the men.

She is their inferior. She is only a secretary. She must do as she’s told. The look on her face switches constantly from pure pleasure to pure panic. She knows this isn’t how she is supposed to act in the office. She recognizes that she should be the good little girl that takes memos, answers phones and makes appointments. She understands that she should be typing up the daily reports and getting her bosses coffee. She realizes that she was hired for her typing skills and now she is failing on her duties.

However, she loves the naughtiness of pleasing her workmates. She craves the touch of all of their strong hands all over her naked body. She gushes as she fantasizes about each one of their hard cocks stabbing into her dripping snatch. She may have been hired to be a lowly secretary, but she has now finally graduated into a sex-ratary and there is no going back.

You will watch as these Japanese office whores do it all. You know you can’t get this kind of help in your office, so why not see what a perfect world is all about. Maybe it’s time to put in for that transfer to the Japan branch. Seems like the office runs so much better there.

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