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Imagine a gorgeous day on the slopes. The sun is shining and the snow is powdery. You strap on your skis and head down the hill. One thing you wouldn’t expect to see is a sexy Asian chick getting her pussy pounded over the next hill, now would you.

How about on the next sunny day you go for a hike in the park. You look forward to seeing the trees and wildlife. You expect to see trails and maybe even picnic tables. What you don’t anticipate is to see some furry eastern snatch getting slammed by a hard dick on trail number six.

Yes, that would be fantastic. In fact, it would be magnificent to see hot Asian chicks getting bumped just about anywhere public. It would be the highlight of the day to see a lovely Asian doll sucking off some stranger on the bus. Well, at OutdoorJP that’s exactly what you’re going to get!

Rin is a big skiing fan. She loves to hit the slopes and play in the snow. But what she likes better than that is bending over and taking a hard one up her cootchie right there in the snow. Sasa is the opposite of Rin. She likes the heat of the sun and the warmth of the sand on the beach. She visits there often with friends. When she’s at the beach she finds any excuse to strip off her suit. She knows she’ll get a little cock sucking in before the end of the day.

Smoking hot Nana Ootone is a gorgeous Asian reporter who gives the weather. She was sent out to an on location shot near the woods. She will let you know that the weather’s fine and no rain in sight, but she’s got plenty of wetness in her panties. She strips down naked and masturbates with her microphone in between newscasts. The cameraman doesn’t stop filming either.

Not so innocent little Miyu sits on the wall waiting for the school bus to arrive. She’s at the age where she’s horny every second of the day. The bus is taking forever, so she grabs her book bag and pulls out a special toy. She masturbates her sweet pussy publicly until the bus shows up.

Let’s not forget Miku. She’s expecting a message and goes outside to wait for the mail carrier to bring her letters. He takes so long to come by every day. Her boyfriend happens to be walking by and stops her in the street for a kiss. Miku is so horny that she ends up sucking his dick off in the middle of the road. And they say that nothing stops the mail. Looks like nothing stops Miku either.

OutdoorJP presents a ton of really hot Asian chicks having really naughty public sex. The tour offers some really great clips of the downloadable videos offered in the members area. Members have more videos than you can imagine and all are in great quality and are even rated with a star system.

The membership prices are phenomenal. You can be a full member for only $7.50 a month or give it a try for only a buck. Full membership has its privileges. You’ll get full access to everything OutdoorJP.com has to offer, but the cool part is the access to the network of sites.

Network of sites, you ask? Yes. Included with your full membership is access to sites like Puuko, a really hot hentai haven or Ocreampies where you can find snatches literally dripping for you to see them. That’s not all. You can have access to all their sites. Don’t wait. If you love outdoor and public sex, then head on over and sign up today and with prices like this, you’ll be glad you did.

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