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PornHub Premium

PornHubPremium! Is there a more prominent name in the online adult entertainment industry today? Probably not. Porn Hub is one of the few porn outlets to ever break into mainstream consciousness. It has transcended, really, the realm of mere porn sites, and has become something so much more. Not only do people frequently discuss PornHub content on all the popular social media sites, but it has also created a cult following. Just based on the comments people leave on Porn Hub videos, and now they also offer PornHub Premium. On most porn sites, you can probably do with or without video comments, but not on PornHub; they are often so hilarious that they have become a necessary feature of the site. In fact, the comments are so entertaining that there is an entire subreddit dedicated to them: r/pornhubcomments. I definitely recommend you check it out if you fuck with Reddit at all. Plus, Porn Hub (and their PornHub Premium service) is probably the only porn site to ever have content go viral.

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